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Camp forges connections

HT Opinion Article
July 10, 2008

Ivy Tech does just what it’s supposed to do. Taking a broad view of its educational role, it identifies needs within its community and then acts to meet those needs. By its very involvement outside of the traditional post-secondary classroom, it helps accomplish its own goal of cementing relationships with young people, especially, and with their parents. That will help guarantee Ivy Tech will be a natural choice for many families who want to make sure their kids are ready for the tough competitive challenges of the 21st century.

The latest example of that melding of purpose was illustrated in the article earlier this week by reporter James Boyd about Ivy Tech’s College for Kids program, in its initial year on the westside campus.

The one-week program — three sessions were scheduled this summer — places up to 20 kids ages 11-14 at Ivy Tech for five mornings. They sign up for classes on such topics as playing guitar, rocket building and adventure possibilities, with exploration of the digital world also a popular choice.

It’s not summer school but summer camp, organized in partnership with Bloomington’s Kid City program.

It’s a good match all around. Parents are comfortable first with knowing their kids are safe. The kids are having fun. They’re also learning. And Ivy Tech’s campus is no longer a mystery to them. A connection important for both the kids and for Ivy Tech is being forged.