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Letters to the Editor

A layoff success story
by Wendy Carroll
Feburary 6, 2008

I was one of the fortunate ones who dodged the first few GE lay-off bullets, but round three was a direct hit, and I was laid off in 2004. Some of my friends and family members fell prey to the first few layoffs and had chosen to go back to school instead of just jumping back into a labor position (or worse). Many were now graduating, and I have to admit, I slightly envied where they were and what they had accomplished.

With my family’s support, I chose to go school. At first, the options were almost overwhelming, but the friendly staff at Ivy Tech-Bloomington helped me choose what interested me most.

The assessment tests to get into Ivy Tech were a little scary; I knew that after being out of school for 11 years I might need some refresher courses. To my surprise, I only needed one. That math class helped prepare me for the next math class, which counted towards my degree.

I will graduate this spring. Two years ago, I didn’t believe I had what it took; Ivy Tech thankfully proved me wrong. Doors have started opening thanks to my education and training. I encourage all to take advantage of the services available.