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Congratulations to diverse group of Ivy Tech graduates

The Herald-Times
May 15, 2010

Friday evening’s graduation ceremony provided further confirmation of the important educational role that Ivy Tech Community College plays in our community. About 470 students were awarded associate degrees, technical certificates and other citations, with an amazing number of them — 32 percent — graduating with honors.

Ivy Tech students are as diverse as the school’s course offerings. Many are returning to school due to job layoffs. Others need the flexibility that Ivy Tech offers working students. For some, Ivy Tech provides a complete education in a specialized field or trade; for others, an Ivy Tech degree is an important component of a longer-term educational goal. Offering courses in areas from traditional subjects to cutting-edge life sciences, Ivy Tech is responsive to the needs of an all-ages, all-stages work force, and as such, it’s truly a “community” college.
We congratulate all students who received degrees and honors from Ivy Tech last night and salute the educators and administrators who help make it possible for these students to achieve.

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