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Ivy Tech sets enrollment records at Bloomington campus and statewide

By Mike Leonard 331-4368 |
January 14, 2010

Ivy Tech Community College continues to post record enrollment numbers, both system-wide and at its Bloomington campus.

Ivy Tech President Thomas J. Snyder said enrollment figures came in at 119,773 when spring semester began on Monday. It’s the largest total ever, surpassing the previous record of 110,359 last fall.

In Bloomington, Chancellor John Whikehart said more than 6,500 students had registered for spring semester, topping fall’s record of about 6,200.

“Seeing spring numbers higher than fall’s is a bit unusual,” Whikehart said. “What you usually see is a lower number when you compare spring to fall.”

Another measure of Ivy Tech’s explosive growth is to compare this spring to last spring. Systemwide, Ivy Tech’s total head count is up 32.9 percent compared to the first day of classes last spring semester.

More than 88,520 of the students enrolled are returning students from the previous term, while 16,044 of this spring’s students are new, first-time college students. In addition, the college enrolled 8,813 dual-credit high school students and 5,850 students with previous college experience.

Whikehart said that while increasing enrollment is naturally considered to be a positive development, it comes at a time when the college is being required by the state to reduce its budget over the next 18 months by 6 percent. He said the college is trying to cope with a 17 percent increase in “head count” and at the same time, offer fewer class sections than last spring.

Larger class sizes is an unfortunate consequence of the enrollment increase coupled with budget cuts. But on the positive side, Whikehart said, the Bloomington campus has contracted to lease new space, to be ready next fall, in the former Gray Brothers/MCL building at the corner of West Bloomfield Road and Liberty Drive.
“We’ll pick up five additional classrooms and 600 parking spaces for essentially the same money we’re spending on leased space now,” he said.

At its westside Bloomington campus on Daniels Way, Ivy Tech has 6,500 students going to classes at a facility built for 5,000.

Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington. Monty Howell | Herald-Times