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South Central Indiana science and engineering fair held at Ivy Tech

March 22, 2010

Bloomington, Ind. On Saturday March 6, 56 students from around the region participated in the South Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair hosted at Ivy Tech Community College at 200 Daniels Way on the west side of Bloomington.

A panel of judges made up of Ivy Tech faculty and staff, IU faculty and Ivy Tech service-learning students scored participants in 19 different categories, ranging from Animal Science Behavior to Physics of Motion. Participating schools included Lighthouse Christian Academy Junior High School, Lighthouse Christian Academy Senior High School, Greensburg Junior High School, Greensburg Community High School, and Bloomington High School North.

Ivy Tech’s Chancellor Award was earned by Harrison Gaebler (Bloomington High School North) and Ivy Tech’s Vice Chancellor Award was earned by Sammee Johnson (Lighthouse Christian Academy Senior High). Both Gaebler and Johnson are senior division international advancers, and will compete in San Jose, CA.

2010 ISEF Category Winners
LJ = Lighthouse Christian Academy Jr High
LS = Lighthouse Christian Academy Sr High
GJ = Greensburg Junior High
GS = Greensburg Community High School
BS = Bloomington High School North

Animal Science-Behavior
First – Rebecca Hoffman, LJ
Second – Billy Lucas, GJ

Animal Science-Production
First – Stephen Aspisito/Justin Martin, GS
Second – Molly Oesterling, GJ
Third – Brianna Armstrong, GJ
Fourth – Laura Scudder, GJ

Behavioral Science     
First – Maureen Mitchell, LS
Second – John Ray, LS

First – Courtney Nelson, GJ
Second – Tiffany Springmeyer, GJ
Third – Zach Fong, LJ

Earth Science 
First – Andy Dashiell, GJ

Energy Production
First – Emily Archer, LJ          
Second – Daniel Craig, LJ
Third – Sarah Herbert, GS

Energy Use
First - Matt Rust, GJ
Second - Sadie Johnson, LJ

Engineering Design
First - Lille Wolter, GS
Second – Joe Hodson, GJ
Third - Jack His, LJ

Engineering Materials
First - Tim Rominger, LS        
Second - David Navarra          , GS
Third - Annie Beiseker, LJ
Fourth - Cheyenne Duncan-Strickler, GJ

Environmental Science           
First - Reze Schrueder, LJ
Second - Kacy Hamer, GJ

Plant Science  
First - Junia Ray,
Second - Aubrie Blauvelt/Tabitha Rominger

Food Science  
First - Lauren Means, LJ
Second - Kaleigh McGinn, GJ
Third - Nick Oesterling, GJ     
Fourth - AJ Nobb, GJ

1) Maggie Holdemann, LJ       
2) Sheridan Roberts, GJ

1) Clayton Moore (tie), GJ
1) Riley Callahan (tie), LJ
3) Ashley Koontz, GJ

Nutrition and Metabolism       
1) Hillary Miller/Brianna Scheidler, GS
2) Jacob Beisecker, LS
3) Madelyn Hunger, GJ
4) Maria Tiwari, LJ

Physics of Motion       
1) Gabe Huck, LS
2) Michael Cooper/Bobby Goddin, LJ
3) Brianna Stuart, GJ

1) Harrison Gaebler, BS

Theoretical Physics     
1) Sammee Johnson, LS
2) Brandon Hess, LJ
3) Kelsi Brown, GS
4) Ian Deters, LJ

1) Mikayla Delay, GJ  
2) Kylea Jones, GJ
3) Michael Watkins, LJ

2010 ISEF Sponsored Award Recipients
Mu Alpha Theta (Math)          
Harrison Gaebler, BS

American Psychological Assoc
Maureen Mitchell, LS

Reze Schreuder, LS

Andy Dashiell, GJ

Fred Steinke Engineering Award
Lillie Wolter, GS

National Soc of Prof. Engineers         
Joe Hodson, GJ

ASM Materials
Tim Rominger, LS

US Public Health
Jacob Beiseker, LS

Stockholm Jr Water Prize
Tim Rominger, LS

Purdue Agriculture School     
Junia Ray, LS
Lauren Means, LJ

Young Scientists          
Courtney Nelson, GJ
Cheyenne Duncan-Strickler, GJ
Lauren Means, LJ
Molly Oesterling, GJ
Tiffany Springmeyer, GJ
Joe Hodson, GJ

IVY TECH Scientists    
Aubrie Blauvelt           , LJ
Tabitha Rominger, LJ
Maggie Holdeman, LJ

Directors Award         
Bobby Goddin, LJ      
Michael Cooper           , LJ
Sheridan Roberts, GJ

US Air Force  
Maureen Mitchell, LS
Daniel Craig, LJ
Annie Beiseker, LJ
Brandon Hess, LJ

US Navy         
Tim Rominger, LS
Junia Ray, LS
Emily Archer, LJ
Riley Calahan, LJ

US ARMY        
David Navarra, GS     
John Ray, LS
Lillie Wolter, GS
Stephen Espisito, GS
Justin Martin, GS

Top 5 Juniors who go to state 
Rebecca Hoffman, LJ
Madelyn Hunger, GJ
Sadie Johnson, LJ
Clayton Moore, GJ
Matt Rust, GJ

Senior Division State Advancers         
Kelsi Brown, GS
Sarah Herbert, GS
Jacob Beisecker, LS

Senior Team
Hillary Miller/Brianna Scheidler, GS

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